Submission Guidelines for Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Fiction

Regarding submissions of SHORT STORIES:

We are currently closed for short story submissions. Please check back for an update on the next open reading period. We are actively reading the short story submissions that we received before the open period closed (3/31/08), and we are making selections for ParaSpheres 2.

More news coming in the next months about ParaSpheres Online.

Regarding submissions of NOVELS and NOVELLAS:

Please do not send submissions of NOVELS or NOVELLAS at this time. We will return to reading novels in the future. Please check back in the summer of 2009 for an update.


For our definition of Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Fiction, click here.

Omnidawn has a particular interest in works emphasizing one or more of the following elements:
1. An exploration of the probable negative consequences of the choices currently being made by the leading politicians, scientists, and business managers, particularly in their attempt to dominate or control the world.
2. A focus on the beauty and sanctity of the living world around us from a magical non-materialist perspective.
3. Alternative methods for structuring the representation of time and/or reality.
4. An emphasis of character development over milieu, plot, event, or idea.
5. Surprises. We want the above preferences to flavor rather than dominate the anthology, so if you have something you think might interest us, but it doesn't seem to fit the above categories, please send it.

At this time we are looking for:
1. Previously unpublished short stories up to 20,000 words to be included in future anthologies. Please send via standard mail the full length story and a biography of one page or less. It is our intention to include at least half the stories in this publication from unsolicited manuscripts.
2. Previously unpublished novella and full length Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist manuscripts. Please send via standard mail only about the first 5,000 words, a plot outline, and a biography of one page or less.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Submissions should be sent via standard mail preferably in a 9" x 12" envelope, and may be either single or double spaced type not smaller than ten point. Please do NOT send submission by registered mail. We prefer to contact you via email, so please include your email address. As an alternative you may include a self-addressed envelope, either for reply only, or if you prefer, return of the manuscript. After reviewing your work we will either inform you that we are interested in either publishing your short story or in reading more of your manuscript, or that we are not interested at this time. All publication costs are paid by Omnidawn. There are no fees charged to the author, and all published works earn royalties and free copies for the author. For details on royalties click here.

Mail Short Story Submissions to:

Short Story Editor
Omnidawn Publishing
P.O. Box 5224
Richmond, CA 94805-5224

Mail Novel and Novella Submissions to:

Book Editor
Omnidawn Publishing
P.O. Box 5224

Richmond, CA 94805-5224

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