Beginning Summer 2018, Omnidawn will be seeking interns for the Fall 2018 semester

See details below to apply

Omnidawn Publishing seeks interns with an interest in poetry and/or fabulist fiction to work with us at our Oakland office for 8-10 hours a week. The internship program will focus on marketing, copywriting, and generally learning the inner workings of a small press. Our standard internship period is 12 months, but we are willing to consider semester-long or summer-long internships on a case by case basis.

Interns generally work directly under senior poetry editor/co-publisher Rusty Morrison and on specific projects with co-publisher Ken Keegan and managing editor Gillian Olivia Blythe Hamel. Principal duties include supporting the press’s marketing campaigns for current and forthcoming books, manuscript contests, and other events by creating content for our social media platforms, liaising with bookstores and other potential venues for sales/events, and researching publicity opportunities for the press. Interns can also expect to assist with general office and administrative tasks from time to time, as described below. As an optional component of the internship program, interns will have the opportunity to write critical essays and reviews for OmniVerse, the online journal of Omnidawn.

Our press is deeply committed to inclusion, equality of opportunity, and honoring difference in aesthetic and experience, and we expect our staff to hold these same values. Italo Calvino: “… the function of literature is communication between things that are different… because they are different, not blunting but even sharpening the differences between them, following the true bent of written language.” It is our goal to ensure this ethos is represented not only in our publication list but also in our working environment, and we seek to offer gainful opportunities to writers of varying backgrounds and interests in order to foster a community of insightful openness and exploration. At Omnidawn, we place great value on input from our staff at all levels, and interns may expect the opportunity to refine and improve their working role and procedures as they grow with the press. Specific duties may include any of the following, depending on an intern’s experience and interests:

• Content marketing

o Create and schedule regular content representing our press (news, reading announcements, related topics from the poetry world) on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram
o Create and schedule #ThrowbackThursday posts highlighting titles from Omnidawn’s backlist each week
o Create and send MailChimp announcements of local readings and poetry events through our ‘Rusty Forwards’ program

• Authorship support

o Work with Authorship team to implement new strategies that help authors effectively market their books
o Outreach to bookstores and reading festivals for future Omnidawn readings, book sales and more
o Subscribe to publicity outlets and alert senior editors/authors when reviews/publicity are posted

• Event capture: photography and live tweeting etc

• Shipping and receiving:

o Orders from Omnidawn website
o Review and publicity copies
o Books sent to/from trade shows, events

• Support contest management:

o Process new entries by removing identifying information
o Coordinate mailings to entrants who have requested copies of recent contests’ winning books
o Create publicity for contests on social media

• Other office maintenance tasks, as appropriate

• OmniVerse: Contribute content (reviews, interviews, etc.) at least every other issue & upload directly to OmniVerse via WordPress

Applicants should demonstrate organizational skills in office environments, sensitivity and diplomacy in communications (as they may be communicating directly with authors and/or other industry allies), and an ability to commit to and adhere to realistic deadlines. Ideally, applicants are familiar with Gmail and Google Drive/Docs, Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.), and with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr). Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, WordPress, HTML/CSS is a plus, but not required.

In addition to their weekly commitment of 8-10 hours (the exact timeframes of which can be negotiated), we ask that interns attend staff meetings held in our office on the first Saturday of each month at 10am. During these meetings, the senior editors share press news and upcoming decisions, and staff members and interns working on specific projects may be invited to share their progress on these projects; this allows the whole staff to hear and share ideas about the press’s operations, and to collaborate on new strategies and initiatives as they arise. Our full staff meetings also include an optional personal check-in where we can hear about each other’s writing lives and become a more aware community.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV, and (if interested in writing for OmniVerse) a writing sample of creative and/or critical work to senior editor Rusty Morrison at